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1H clients have the word - see what they have to say!

Initially we only tried Guardian, and it alone saved our bacon on several occasions on a a server that had some intermittent very high loads, enabling us to fully trace the issue and resolve it. We were then tempted onto using Hive and Digits - and having these two is like a dream come true. It is quite simply stunning.The key differentiator here is just how much data you have at your fingertips from all your servers - this is now crucial to how we manage our shared servers effectively.
Additionally, it's fast, the interface is well designed, and it's provided us a great tool for upselling. The combination of Guardian, which helps to monitor and even start to resolve issue, and Hive, which provides the most incredible reports and management of resource intensive accounts, is something that once you try you won't look back from. The team at 1H have been great too, they've incorporated countless new suggestions we've made, and really made the job of switching over to their products very easy. Can't recommend them enough, the servers we have installed it on so far just purr along!

Craig Luke, Director / kualo.com

1H Software has been a vital part of our hosting infrastructure in our ongoing effort to provide reliable, fast and flexible hosting service. Guaranteeing uptime has become piece of cake with Guardian. Rarely our system administrators need to login to the servers and manually fix problems, Guardian has been doing this for us automatically for quite long time and as a result uptime is something we no longer worry about.
Providing a reliable service does not include uptime only though - you have to think about security too. Having a whole server affected through a single hacked account is a common pain among hosting providers and this is where HIVE fits in. We are lucky to have it in order to ensure a top notch secure environment on our servers for more than 3 years now.
Security and uptime are just part of the benefits we enjoyed from 1H. I strongly recommend the whole 1H software package to every hosting company that wants to optimize and secure their business and manage it in a way as never before! It involves a learning curve but once you start using the products and the valuable information they provide, you will get a great advantage over your competitors. Trust me and try it!

Nikolay Todorov, Cheif Technical Officer / SiteGround

Quality Servers
1H software, both Hive and Guardian have noticeably increased the stability of our shared hosting platform, and eliminated many of the traditional downfalls of shared hosting. In addition I have nothing but praise for 1H support and pricing structure. As we deploy more servers, they will all run 1H software.

James Todd, Managing Director / Quality Servers

1H - A must for any Shared Hosting Service Providers!
I used to have a lot of CMS exploit related issues and my support lines were red hot. After I implemented the 1H Hive suite my support team was ready to go on vacation. Their virtualized environment brings Shared Hosting closer to Virtual Private hosting and saves us tons of troubles. Installation was flawless and my clients didn't even notice the change. Try it and you'll see that you can't live without!

The maiahost Management / maiahost

Texo Webhosting
I have NEVER, EVER, ANYWHERE seen support like this! I cannot stress to you how BLOWN AWAY I am by Martin's response. He has answered every question, thoroughly, and he has also fixed every problem I mentioned (and told me what he did step by step!). If this is how you guys do business and treat your clients, you are going to be VERY successful!

Steve Venter, CEO / Texo Webhosting

If you want to provide your customers most optimum performing servers and still be able to host more customers per server, then 1H is definitely for you. With Guardian and Hive on our servers, it becomes so easy to monitor the user and server performance. We can now show customers actual graphs of their usage as opposed to the normal which substantiate our upsell. The staff of 1H is superb, the turnaround time on any issue is lighting fast. Highly recommended for shared hosting providers!

Prashant Parikh, CEO / SpeedHost.in

At first, our goal was to find an alternative software management for our cpanel/whm servers and one of the choices we found was 1H. We immediately took advantage of the trial period and quickly concluded that it is the perfect solution for securing our servers, applying resource limitations and having detailed insight for our users actual server resources usage.
Now a few months later, 1h has become the leading and most important management solutions used on our servers to provide the best hosting service to our clients. We strongly recommend it to anyone who aims at providing secure and reliable hosting solution!

Azhari Ahmad, CEO / Jetdino.com

I have been using Hive and Guardian for a short while now and I have to say it is a great piece of software I have definitely noticed the difference, for the better, since we had it installed. The technicians at 1h kindly installed the software and configured it for us free of charge, this is a service they offer to everybody. Whenever we have had any questions all our tickets have been responded to within just a few minutes and the responses are extremely detailed and helpful. Their professional staff explain what any problems were and how they resolved it.
One thing that really impressed me with 1h is something so simple yet so many companies fail to do it and that is that 1h tested websites prior to installing and configuring their software on our system and again afterwards to ensure it had not caused any unexpected side affects. This shows they genuinely understand your situation as a hosting provider and will go that extra step for you, exactly what you need from software providers in this industry.
Not only does the installation of 1h software help keep your web servers healthy but it also adds additional features such as allowing your customers to pick their own PHP version. If you have web servers in your infrastructure then 1h software is exactly what you need, especially if you offer reseller or master reseller packages! Keep up the good work 1h and I look forward to using you for the foreseeable future!

William Sankey, Owner / hostchaos.com