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1H Digits

Get detailed disk space and traffic usage statistics

1H Digits allows web hosts to have one-click access to information about space and traffic usage on their servers. The detailed information helps web hosts decide what number of users can be kept on each server by identifying server users with abnormally high disk usage and periods with abnormally high network traffic.

Digits Statistics Package

See at a glance how much disk space and traffic is used on each of your servers and who exactly is using it! Make informed decisions about your server management!

  • Disk space statsMake informed decisions based on valid information
  • Traffic statsEasily identify peak traffic hours and users

Disk Space Statistics

With 1H Digits you will be able to find information that will help you make decisions about when to stop adding users to a given server and when and what actions to take against disk space abuse. The statistics provide you with the following information:

  • on which servers disk space usage has gone over 75%
  • which are the top disk space users on each of your servers
  • which of the users on the server are really active
  • disk usage info for each partition (backup, mysql, etc)

Traffic Statistics

With the traffic statistics of 1H Digits you will get detailed information about the traffic generated from your servers. The graphical representations will help you identify easily any peak in traffic usage. The statistics include information about the following:

  • incoming and outgoing system traffic
  • incoming and outgoing user traffic
  • traffic usage graphs for easy peak identification