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1H.com announces a two-week promotion for its monitoring tool 1H Guardian

November 08, 2010

1H software company, which specializes in development of server management software for web hosting businesses, announced today that during the next two weeks special promotional terms will apply to its monitoring and reaction system, allowing 3 months free use of the tool. The promotion of 1H Guardian will be available on the 1H website and will be advertised on some of the most authoritative websites in the web hosting industry, including The WHIR and Web Hosting Talk.

The promotion will extend the free trial period for 1H Guardian from one month to three months and will allow activating 10 trial licenses instead of just one. "We have chosen to focus our advertising effort on Guardian, as it has already stood out to be the best-selling product of 1H." – says Lilyana Yakimova, marketing manager of 1H.com. "We have identified that despite the big number of monitoring tools available, there is still a growing need for a more straight-forward solution, designed especially for web hosting providers. The promotion aims to allow more people to fully experience the simplicity and effectiveness of Guardian".

1H Guardian has the ambition to be faster and to provide more advanced automatic reaction than the other monitoring tools usually used by the hosting providers. The tool checks all services every 0.5 seconds. Its developers claim that Guardian not only automatically restarts services, which is not an uncommon monitoring tool functionality, but also automatically reacts in cases of server overloads and significantly reduces overload durations. Now with the 1H promotion more providers will have the chance to get a first hand experience of the software.

About 1H software company

1H company is specialized in developing server management software for web hosting providers. Currently it offers 4 products that help hosting companies optimize their server performance. 1H Hive optimizes server resource usage to increase account density on a shared server and at the same time applies a unique and highly secure environment by isolating user accounts. 1H Guardian is an extremely fast server monitoring and reaction system that minimizes downtime. 1H Hawk and Digits are open source free tools. Hawk is a lightweight intrusion detection system which blocks malicious IPs. Digits provides comprehensive statistics about disk space and bandwidth usage.

More information about the company and its products can be found on the corporate website at www.1h.com.