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Dedicated Hosting Provider, SingleHop to Offer 1H Software to Tandem Resellers

July 25, 2011

Hosting automation software provider, 1H.com, today announced that it has signed a strategic distribution partnership with Chicago-based dedicated server and managed hosting provider SingleHop. Starting immediately, SingleHop Resellers will be able to purchase and install 1H automation software on their servers via SingleHop’s LEAP interface.

1H.com software helps automate and optimize the performance of shared hosting servers by intelligently handling tasks that would otherwise require dedicated system administrators to handle.

SingleHop will bundle the 1H.com automation products in its new Hosting Provider Optimization Kit. The Kit includes two of the tools developed by 1H: Hive resource usage optimization system and Hawk intrusion prevention software. By bundling into a Kit, SingleHop and 1H hope to help shared hosts deal with two common problems: uneven resource distribution and security issues. The Hosting Provider Optimization Kit is intended to automate the detection and reaction to resource abuse and to minimize the impact of brute force and hackers attacks.

"The partnership with SingleHop marks the start of 1H’s partner program, which is specifically designed for service providers targeting hosting companies”, says Tina Kesova, Business Development Manager for 1H.com. "We are really happy that our first official partner in this program is a company like SingleHop, which has a great record of providing innovative optimization and automation products to its customers."

"After 5 years of being in the shared hosting business, I can truly appreciate the technical challenges faced by multi-tenant shared and virtual hosting providers," says Dan Ushman, SingleHop Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “SingleHop has always strived to offer a different and better experience to the hosting businesses we support. The addition of 1H is just another addition to our already award-winning platform."

About 1H software company

1H company is specialized in developing server management software for web hosting providers. Currently it offers 4 products that help hosting companies optimize their server performance. 1H Hive optimizes server resource usage to increase account density on a shared server and at the same time applies a unique and highly secure environment by isolating user accounts. 1H Guardian is an extremely fast server monitoring and reaction system that minimizes downtime. 1H Hawk and Digits are open source free tools. Hawk is a lightweight intrusion detection system which blocks malicious IPs. Digits provides comprehensive statistics about disk space and bandwidth usage.

More information about the company and its products can be found on the corporate website at www.1h.com.

About SingleHop, Inc.

SingleHop, Inc., is a full-service on-demand IT and web hosting provider based in Chicago. The company was founded by Zak Boca and Dan Ushman in 2006 and hosts websites for thousands of customers in more than 100 countries. SingleHop was ranked #58 in the 2010 Inc. 500, an annual list of America's fastest growing companies, and expects 2011 revenues to exceed $23 million.