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Major update release and a challenging promotion by 1H.com

March 17, 2011

Today, March 17th, 2011, 1H software company announced the official release of the new versions of its software products designed for hosting business optimization. The new Guardian Server Monitoring and Hive Server Optimization tools are launched together with a special offer – “The 1 Month Challenge” that promises server performance improvement in 30 days or 200% money back.

After one month beta testing campaign, which included announcements and tester requests in some of the most popular hosting forums, 1H released the stable new versions of Hive and Guardian. Both products are now compatible with LiteSpeed web server and DirectAdmin control panel. Additional email notification functionality is added to the Guardian monitoring tool. “The initial feedback from all the people who participated in the beta testing is extremely positive” said Tina Kesova, Account Manager at 1H.com “We would like to thank everyone for the cooperation and for helping us come up with a great stable release.”

The company’s confidence in the performance of the new software is demonstrated by the promotion that accompanies the official release: the so called “1 Month Challenge”. 1H announced that it guarantees that every customer who takes part in the promotion will achieve better server performance in 30 days, or will get back twice the amount paid. The company guarantees that it can provide faster downtime and server overload resolution and improved protection against resource abuse and server hacks. Both the new version release and the promotion will be presented by the 1H team on the Web Hosting Day conference in Europa Park, Germany starting this Monday, 21.March. 2011.

About 1H software company

1H company is specialized in developing server management software for web hosting providers. Currently it offers 4 products that help hosting companies optimize their server performance. 1H Hive optimizes server resource usage to increase account density on a shared server and at the same time applies a unique and highly secure environment by isolating user accounts. 1H Guardian is an extremely fast server monitoring and reaction system that minimizes downtime. 1H Hawk and Digits are open source free tools. Hawk is a lightweight intrusion detection system which blocks malicious IPs. Digits provides comprehensive statistics about disk space and bandwidth usage.

More information about the company and its products can be found on the corporate website at www.1h.com.