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1H software now fully integrated in the cPanel interfaces

June 06, 2011

1H.com has released cPanel related improvements of its server management software. The company announced that now all its major products are not only compatible with cPanel, but can be configured and used by the hosting providers directly in the WHM interface. Additionally the company has added 3 new plugins to its software, that make some PHP and SSH management tasks easily accomplished through the cPanel interface by the end web hosting user.

The 1H software is currently compatible with cPanel, DirectAdmin and is in beta stage for Plesk control panel. The 1H tools can be accessed and used independently of the control panel interfaces. With the new release though the web hosts using cPanel can also access 1H interfaces directly in the WHM, if they find this to be more convenient. “We plan to develop our software so that its use is not dependent on any control panel and any hosting provider can benefit from its functionality. However, at the same time we will continue making it easier for people already used to managing their servers through a certain interface to use 1H software too”, says Tenko Nikolov, CEO and founder of 1H.com.

The new 1H release also includes three cPanel plugins. With them 1H.com addresses the user experience of the end hosting customers. The PHP versions manager has the most interesting functionality. It allows the end hosting user to choose among 6 different PHP versions and have a different one applied at each folder of the hosting account with a single click. The PHP variable management plugin allows hosting users to configure different PHP variables through a single interface without the need to manually modify multiple php.ini files and the SSH manager makes SSH keys import and generation easier.

Read more about 1H cPanel integration.

About 1H software company

1H company is specialized in developing server management software for web hosting providers. Currently it offers 4 products that help hosting companies optimize their server performance. 1H Hive optimizes server resource usage to increase account density on a shared server and at the same time applies a unique and highly secure environment by isolating user accounts. 1H Guardian is an extremely fast server monitoring and reaction system that minimizes downtime. 1H Hawk and Digits are open source free tools. Hawk is a lightweight intrusion detection system which blocks malicious IPs. Digits provides comprehensive statistics about disk space and bandwidth usage.

More information about the company and its products can be found on the corporate website at www.1h.com.