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Simple Server Config Release

September 08, 2011

1H server management software company has officially released an in-house built Apache/PHP configuration and management tool named 1H Simple Server Config. The tool is enabled by default with Hive Server Optimization product and is the 1H alternative to EasyApache that most cPanel hosts use.

The main reason for this tool to be developed is that Hive users are not able to use EasyApache to modify their existing web server and PHP setup due to different software architectures behind both products. (See details why Hive and EasyApache are incompatible here.) As this was perceived as an inconvenience, 1H came out with the alternative solution that has all the functionality of the EasyApache, but also promises to add more in terms of resource efficiency, usability and functionality.

The Simple Server Config is highly resource efficient and fast. This is a result of the fact that the tool is RPM based and each time you build a new configuration only the changes you made are applied to your server instead of re-compiling from source each time you would like to simply add one new module for Apache, for example. Applying only the necessary adjustments to the server configuration makes the SSC software very fast and as light-weight as it could be.

The Simple Server Config is easy to use - both through the user-friendly interface and through the command line. Some of its current options include switching between different Apache versions, adding/removing Apache modules, adding/removing any of the 6 PHP versions shipped with HIVE, changing the default PHP, adding/removing PHP variables and more. More configuration options for Perl/PECL/Python modules are expected to be added soon.

Users can find more information and screen shots of the new tool in the company's official documentation: http://docs.1h.com/Simple_Server_Config

About 1H software company

1H company is specialized in developing server management software for web hosting providers. Currently it offers 4 products that help hosting companies optimize their server performance. 1H Hive optimizes server resource usage to increase account density on a shared server and at the same time applies a unique and highly secure environment by isolating user accounts. 1H Guardian is an extremely fast server monitoring and reaction system that minimizes downtime. 1H Hawk and Digits are open source free tools. Hawk is a lightweight intrusion detection system which blocks malicious IPs. Digits provides comprehensive statistics about disk space and bandwidth usage.

More information about the company and its products can be found on the corporate website at www.1h.com.