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Recap of the 1H development in 2011

December 20, 2011

It has been a year full of events, welcoming new customers and massive software development and improvements. We are proud to announce that 1H software is now much more flexible, reliable and easy to use, and the 150% growth proves that we've been on the right track during the past year. Below we have outlined the most important milestones we have achieved:

1H software is now used on more than 2500 servers

We started 2010 with a little less than 1000 servers and are closing the year with more than 2500 - achieving 150% growth while keeping the same number of employees during our first year is a great success and efficiency proof and here's the time to say huge thanks to all of you for choosing and trusting us for optimizing and securing your hosting business! It is you and your input that helped us grow so quickly!

1H software is now much more stable, flexible, and easy to install

With a feature-rich and comprehensive product portfolio like ours, the biggest challenge for our team in 2011 was to make it more easy to understand, adopt and use. Believe us - this wasn't an easy one. We've worked hard and in the end the whole architecture behind the software has been improved and optimized, parts of it completely re-done and the installation process itself fully automated. The decreased number of support inquiries comes to serve we've done it right.

1H software is now compatible with DirectAdmin, Plesk, LiteSpeed and Debian

Thanks to your numerous feature requests and growing demand, we managed to release stable versions of all our products for the most widely used control panels, web servers and operating systems. Thus, we greatly expanded the range of the technologies our software is compatible with and are now able to reach and help even more customers.

New cPanel plugins and automation tools

During 2011 we focused not only on adding value for you, but also for your customers. The three new cPanel plugins for PHP versions and variables management and SSH management, along with the IO and Memory stats plugins have been reported as one of the most useful plugins for your users. 2011 also brought for you the Simple Server Config - the web server/php management tool that helps you easily and quickly configure and manage your server setup. Last but not least, we introduced the Automated Actions tool thanks to which you can deal with the resource abuse problem and automate abuse processes to save time and costs on abuse policies management.

WorldHostingDays, HostingCon and cPanel conferences

We are proud that we had the chance not only to attend but also exhibit at the biggest conferences in our industry - a great opportunity to meet new customers, put some faces to names with our existing clients, and last but not least strengthen our position as an industry leader for the hosting automation software.

All that being said, we want to assure you that the whole 1H team is looking to a very successful and even more productive 2012!