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Recap of the 1H development during 2010

January 07, 2011

Since the official launch of 1H software in the beginning of October we have been through a very eventful three months of welcoming new customers and improving the software to meet their needs better. Below we will sum up the most important things that have happened:

1H software is now used on more than 1000 servers!

At the end of 2010 we are proud to have more than 1000 servers and more than 40 different companies with at least one of the 1H software actively installed. We want to thank all of our customers for the using 1H software and for inspiring us to work on further development and improvement of our services in these initial stages.

Automation of installation and updates

One of the most important improvements 1H development implemented is that all software is now available in RPM packages. This allowed us to provide an easy automated installation through a single script. The installation script also automatically checks the server configuration compatibility with the 1H software. The fact that the software is now RPM based also allowed for the automatic update to be applied, which means that all customers will have their software easily updated with all the new features that we will be releasing during 2011.

Performance optimization of the 1H software

The other area in which we achieved substantial improvements is the optimization of 1H software performance. The latest version of 1H Guardian monitoring system for example uses up to 30% less CPU than the initial version. Hive performance was also improved, but we are currently working on some major additional improvements to be released soon.

Partners' API creation

1H is also proud to announce that we now have a fully functional API developed for the needs of the reselling partners. It can be used for easy customer and licensing management and it comes together with a detailed documentation.

Website improvements

We have added a lot of new information about 1H products on the website, added visualizations for some of the software functionality, extended the documentation and launched an improved design with additional options and easier navigation in the User Area.

What is to be expected soon:

-- A project we worked on during 2010 and will be launched soon is the local interface for 1H Guardian. The data this software collects is now visible only in the Central Portal, but will soon be accessible in a local interface on the server where Guardian is installed.

-- A new version of WHM plug-in that will provide more user-friendly software configuration is also ready for launch.

-- We are also working on making the software compatible with LiteSpeed, Plesk and Direct Admin.

-- The Central Portal, where the data from all 1H software and all servers is collected, will also be improved and email notification system will soon be added.