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1H.com launches innovative server management software on cPanel conference 2010

September 30, 2010

1H software company announced today that it will make the official product launch of its hosting optimization software at the upcoming cPanel conference held in Houston (October 4-6, 2010). The four products of the company – Hive, Guardian, Hawk and Digits, have the ambition to be the most comprehensive solution set of server management tools developed for the needs of web hosting providers. The events planned for the launch of the four products include lectures, personal demos, free trials and voucher giveaways.

The company decided to make its official product launch during the cPanel conference as the first version of the 1H software targets cPanel hosts. 1H.com CEO Tenko Nikolov and CIO Marian Marinov will make a presentation on October 5, 2010 named "Successful Tactics to Combat Server Overload." During the two days of the conference, 1H representatives will be at booth 6 to answer questions and give away free trials and vouchers for the 1H products.

The 1H management team has gathered significant experience in the hosting industry by managing a leading shared hosting company for more than 5 years. Their experience and know-how is now transferred over to making unique and lightweight server software that will help a large number of hosts optimize their server resources and revenue stream. The CEO of 1H.com Tenko Nikolov says: "We know what the problems of hosting providers are because we have been there. They have to fight resource abuse, hacker attacks, downtime and a lot more. During the last few years we have developed successful solutions for the hosting business and we have even managed to turn some of the problem sources into revenue opportunities. We are now ready to share the know-how!"

About 1H.com software company

1H.com was founded by Tenko Nikolov and Marian Marinov, who were previously CEO and CTO of a leading shared web hosting company. They started the development of the 1H software in 2007 as an in-house project for their previous company and it has now grown into a business venture of its own. Currently more than 20 people are working for the 1H.com company, including the software development team, a website design team, customer service and marketing departments.

About Hive

1H Hive increases significantly the shared hosting environment security through a unique mechanism for user isolation. At the same time it allows web hosts to accommodate much more accounts on the same hardware by applying a comprehensive set of resource usage limitations.

About Guardian

1H Guardian is an extremely fast system for automatic reaction to server overload and service outages. It checks the status of the important services running on a server every 0.5 seconds and takes different actions if an issue is detected based on predefined scenarios. It also provides a monitoring interface.

About Hawk

1H Hawk is an open source lightweight IDS (Intrusion Detection System) that proactively blocks IPs used for brute force attacks to different services running on a hosting server.

About Digits

1H Digits is another piece of free software that collects information from cPanel® files about disk space and bandwidth usage on the server and displays it in a aggregate form in a user-friendly set of graphs and tables.

More information about the company and its products can be found on the corporate website at www.1h.com.