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cPanel integration

Configure and use 1H software directly in your WHM

1H software is now completely integrated with cPanel and WHM. Thus it makes hosting management easier both for hosting providers and their customers.

You can configure and manage all the 1H software installed on your server from the place you are already used to - the WHM interface. Whenever you install any of the 1H products on a cPanel server the1H software plugin will automatically appear in your WHM and will allow you to configure our products and access their date with one click, without referring to other interface URLs.

Provide extra functionality to your customers in the cPanel

  • Usage Statistics

    1H software will add statistical data from Hive and Digits in the cPanel of your customers. The stats will show their resource usage and some graphs how it compares with the average usage on the server. This is a very powerful tool to demonstrate to people, who use more resources their need to upgrade to a higher-end hosting solution.
  • Easy switch between 6 PHP versions

    Additionally, if you use Hive, your customers will now be able to take advantage easier than ever from the 6 PHP versions that come with the software. With our PHP version manager each user can change PHP versions per directory with a click in the cPanel.
  • User-friendly tools for advanced PHP and SSH management

    There are two other 1H tools integrated in the cPanel. The PHP variables manager will allows hosting users to easily configure different PHP variables through a single interface without the need to manually modify multiple php.ini files. The SSH key manager allows hosting customers to easily import existing keys, generate new public/private key pairs, as well as delete old keys to ensure even more secure connections over SSH.